Business & Leadership Consulting

We are offering consulting in various areas of business, innovation and leadership development.


Innovation Consulting

Are you looking to kickstart the next project that will change the world? Do you want to give your current business a boost by innovating on what you have already? We can support you from idea conceptualisation to product design and planning. We can put together your innovation strategy that propels your business on the market.


Creativity and Ideation

Looking to solve a problem or figure out novel products and services? We help facilitate brainstorming and ideation using Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT). We also help you to conceptualise the ideas into structured and presentable form.


Solution Design

You have an idea, but not sure how to practically implement it? Or you have defined a problem, but don’t know how to solve it yet? Let us help you in creating an optimal solution design that can be the start of the actual implementation.


Interim Leadership

Did an important manager leave and need someone fast to carry on where they left off? Or are you hiring a manager, but while you’re looking you could use a temporary one? We offer interim leadership services specialising in product management and engineering management. We can be your Head of Product or VP of Engineering.


Product Management

Need an interim product manager or just a consultation? We can help with product strategy, MVP design, development requirements, and create short-term and long-term roadmaps.


Leadership Development

Are you growing fast and promoting specialists to managers? We know that path and can provide both overall leadership guidance as well as offer 1:1 mentorship for fresh managers.

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