Career Coaching

I offer career coaching and mentorship to help you find and reach your career goals. I’m also specialised in supporting people who want to grow into leadership/management positions.

I have practical experience through transitioning from humble specialist to a manager. I’ve also grown to become entrepreneur. I’ve also been active in non-profit organisation leading projects as well as the organisation. All this has provided me with an experience that I want to share with you as you are looking to move forward in your professional development.




Are you unhappy with your job, education or career overall, and not sure how to move on from here? Perhaps you have too many options or not at all? I will help with perspectives, prioritisation, setting goals and moving towards them.



Have you ended up in a manager position and it’s the cause for uncertainty, anxiety and discomfort? Or do you see yourself as a leader and not sure how to become one? 



How do I differentiate on job market? What is my true passion that would drive me and also enable me to earn good living? I will help discover your true potential and strengths that you can use to design the next steps in your professional life.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions or challenges.