Coaching for Entrepreneurs

I’m offering personal coaching and consultation for small business and solopreneurs.

I have been close to business in tech giant Microsoft as well as gone through the journey of building a startup. I have consulted many entrepreneurs and several early stage companies who wanted to create innovative products and scale globally.

Next to startups I am especially happy to also help entrepreneurs who build their personal small businesses (photographers, restaurant owners, agencies, counsellors, etc). Often the classical businesses and solopreneurs lack access to all the support that tech startups have. All entrepreneurs deserve inspiration, knowledge and experience that can help them fly higher.



Personal obstacles as an entrepreneur

Are you unhappy with current situation and looking for solutions due to personal matters, blocking circumstances or other reasons? Lets get rid of the obstacles together.


Growth ambition

Are you ambitious and willing to grow, but not sure how? I will support you in dreaming bigger and achieving the most aspirational goals.


Leadership challenges

People are difficult? Team not performing as expected? I will help solve your leadership challenges.


Finding a customer

Who is my customer and how do I find them? How to tackle competition? I will help you find your unique selling point and potential customer persona.


Product innovation

You have an idea but not sure how to build it into a product or service? You have existing products, but something is still missing? I can help find the full potential of your product.



What kind of business do I want? What kind of people should I hire and how? People and culture have a huge business success factors. I can help plan your team(s).

Feel free to reach out with any other questions or challenges.